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Wise Word No. 5 _ Bright way

Wise Word No. 5 _ Bright way
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 Wise Word No. 5 _ Bright way

A Fluent Interpretation of the Wise Words Of Imam Ali (a.s) in Nahjul-Balaghah



key words:

بَشاشَة: joy – cheerfulness – gaiety

حِبالة: A trap for catching birds

قَبر: grave

مُسالَمَة: reconciliation _ pacification

خَبء: the hidden

الإحتِمال: tolerance – endurance



Wise Word No. 5 _ Bright wayAbstract of the wise word No. 5

In this wisdom, three basic issues are considered by Imam(AS) that are related to each other;

The heart of the wise man is the treasure of his secrets, he keeps his secret from others and is the custodian of the secrets of others,

he does not reveal what he has in his heart,

but with openness It catches and tames the broken hearts. Sometimes he sees evils from others, but with sobriety and tolerance,

he tolerates their misbehavior. The sweet fruit of this tolerance is to hide the weaknesses and shortcomings of human existence.







1- Imam has compared the wise chest to the box of secrets; That is, the wise man has secrets in his heart,

but the ignorant speak whatever he knows;

Secrets that, if they fall into the hands of a friend, sometimes cause him discomfort,

and if they fall into the hands of the enemy, they cause trouble, abuse or disgrace.

Do not tell your secret to your friend as much as you can



2- Happiness and openness of the face, one of the secrets of the success of the great prophet of Islam? Was. God Almighty addressed

His Holiness said: “and indeed you possess a great character” and in another verse he said:

“If you were violent and hard-hearted, they would have surely scattered from around you”


3- Just as the grave covers the stench of a dead body so that people are safe from its contaminations,

so the tolerance of bad language and mistreatment of the people and the suppression of anger also cover the moral defects of man from the eyes of others; Because:


sometimes when we respond to others, we get out of mental balance and our hidden flaws are revealed and we may commit great crimes and sins.


with our sharp reaction, the fire of revenge burns and the other side burns.

It also seeks to expose our hidden flaws in order to disgrace us among the people.


4- Reconciliation and peace with others is a good thing,

but negligence in religious affairs and divine laws is a bad thing,

the uprising of Imam Hussein(AS) In performing the duty of enjoining the good and forbidding the evil and refusing to accept compromise in the matter of religion, is a clear evidence in this regard.


Unfortunately, most people do not compromise when their rights are violated,

but they are tolerant and negligence in the matter of religion and divine laws.







  1. If we are looking for effective communication with others, we must pay attention to how to start this relationship. If we treat them with generosity and kindness, this generosity and kindness is like a trap that catches hearts, and makes them tame and fascinated by human beings.
  2.  If we seek to maintain and promote our social dignity, we should increase our tolerance for inconsistencies, oppositions and insults instead of violent confrontations. By doing so, we have prevented immature speech and behavior as well as exposing our flaws.
  3. In order for the friendship to survive, it is necessary to hide the flaws of the friend.






1. In this wisdom, what is the wise heart compared to? Explain?
2. What was one of the most important reasons for the success of the Holy Prophet (PBUH)?
3. How does tolerating people’s abuse cover human shortcomings and deficiencies?







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